Monday-Sunday: 3pm-2:30am

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Woodlands Tavern prides itself on great original music. Our capacity is 300 people. Any band that wishes to book should be prepared to bring at least 100 people. If 2 bands can bring 50 people, or three bands can bring 33 people, that also works. Out of town bands that cannot draw should try to pair up with a good local band to get on a bill at Woodlands Tavern.

Happy Hour Performances

All happy hour shows at Woodlands will start at 6PM and end at 8PM. Bands can load in after 4PM. Shows cannot go past 8:30PM at the latest. Bands will receive $50. Bands may also have a tip bucket.

Headlining Performances

All headlining bands will be paid 100% of the door, after sound has been deducted. All bands are responsible for paying sound ($100).


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Woodlands Tavern

1200 W 3rd Ave
Columbus OH 43212

(614) 299-4987

Getting Here


Woodlands Tavern’s parking lot is located directly behind the bar, off the alley parallel to Third Ave. Adjacent parking lots are not available to our patrons, so please make sure you are in the right lot!

Some of our neighboring businesses are happy to share their parking with us when they are closed:
• The National Guard parking lot (alongside Virginia Ave) is available to our patrons from 5:30pm-2:30am nightly
• The Village Trophy parking lot (across the street on Third Ave) is available to our patrons from 5:30pm-2:30am nightly

Parking spaces in the lot in front of our building (along Third Ave) are available at the following times:
• EAST of our patio: 6:30pm to 2:30am nightly
• WEST of our patio: 5pm to 2:30am nightly

Towing is strictly enforced all other times.

Street parking for Woodlands Tavern is available 24 hours a day on all streets surrounding the block where we are located. Please make sure to check the street for exceptions, such as street cleaning days, bus stops and fire hydrants.